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2005 Season

2005 Photos of fishing in the Barren Islands, secluded cove, Halibut, Yellow-eyed Rockfish, Silver Salmon, 
Lingcod, King Salmon, scenery of the Homer Spit, Homer Harbor and wildlife.

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2005/05halibut05.jpg 2005/05BWs.jpg 2005/05halibut04.jpg

2005/05Salmon2.jpg 2005/05YellowEye.jpg

2005/05Salmon1.jpg 2005/05halibut.jpg 2005/05halibut03.jpg

  2005/05halibut003T.jpg 2005/05halibut002T.jpg 2005/05halibut001T.jpg 2005/05Salmon2T.jpg

2005/05halibut00T.jpg 2005/05halibut07T.jpg 2005/05halibut04T.jpg 2005/05halibut05T.jpg

2005/05halibut06T.jpg 2005/05halibut03T.jpg 2005/05halibut02T.jpg 2005/05halibut01T.jpg

2005/05clams.JPG 2005/05halibut1T.jpg 2005/05halibut08T.jpg 2005/05halibut2T.jpg

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