Tom Schmidt and Jeff Gibson (Minnesota)
 Thank you again for such an awesome time. It was insane. Master Captain B -Best captain in Alaska. Best fishing of my life. This is Alaska. It’s crazy. You can’t really explain it. Captain B is great. This is called “spot on a spot” fishing at 300 ft. below the surface.

Gib and Vicki LeRoque (Michigan)
Thanks to you and everyone for making this our best day on water anywhere! As always, our days with you were without question the highlight of our visit to your wonderful state. The fishing was phenomenal and your love and appreciation of the surroundings turns a fishing trip into a truly unforgettable experience. Lord willing we will see you next year. 

Mary Ann Rutkowski (Missouri)
Here I was…a little old lady with 5 big guys, including my husband. We spent the day hauling in halibut, rockfish, and one peculiar fish that I caught that had blue flesh (they called it a greenling). But I had the time of my life. Bryan made me feel every bit as important as the big guys, and they were great at helping me land those nice big halibut. And thanks to Donna who manned the phones and told this little old lady exactly how to dress for that cold wet day on the water. Gosh, it was fun. Captain B's is a first class operation.  

Rod & Charlotte Dolak (Ohio)
Just wanted to say thanks again and tell you what a great time we had. Rod and I have been married for 20 years and I have never been a big fan of fishing, but I have always faithfully followed him wherever he wanted us to go. As far as success on those trips, let’s just say I have always been "fishing challenged". But, not on your boat. I actually caught fish and had a great time. I can not wait to go fishing again next year on your boat, and next year when Rod plans on fishing everyday for 4-5 days, instead of me fishing just 1 day, I am going out everyday with him. Your first mate was super; he was very patient and showed me how to actually fish. I have been showing off all the pictures I took and telling all my friends about it. The best part of this trip was actually catching fish AND having a great time while doing it, the second best part was when we were fishing for rockfish later in the day and I had my limit before Rod had boated his first rockfish. One word sums up the trip on your boat. SWEET.

Dan and Pat Moore (Colorado)
We will never forget the wonderful fishing trip in August; put 43 fish on the boat. We were in Seward and met a couple who told us that 2 days before in Homer, he fished all day and only caught 2 halibut. I pulled out our camera and showed him what a "quality" fishing trip was with a good skipper. Rest assured he will use you the next time.
The fishing trip did wonders for my son-in-law who had just returned from Iraq. He was so proud when he showed all his men the photos. Your support for our troops is really appreciated. You are all just the best there is, and we look forward to seeing you on the next trip.

Ann Smith (Texas)
Just wanted you to know that Ray and I are still talking about our awesome fishing trip w/ you. It is something that we will never forget. I can still feel that big mean lingcod take off w/ my rock fish I had hooked. Best fishing trip ever. i cannot understand why anyone would want to book just a halibut trip, when they have an option of doing all 3. They don't know what they are missing. we will certainly recommend other friends coming your way. When we were planning our trip to Alaska, I contacted an alaska fishing trip planner. She said she booked fishing trips for people w/ the best guides that could catch fish and what fish were biting at the time. So, she is the one responsible for us finding out about you. We will certainly recommend other friends coming your way. Thanks again for a totally awesome day..

Joe and Cindy Asher (Michigan)
Thank you for the GREAT time we had halibut fishing . Neither the couple we traveled with, nor my wife and I had ever been fishing for Halibut before. What an experience. Handling and jigging the gear looked complicated and we worried we would have troubles or not do the right thing. We all commented at the end of the day that both you and your deckhand were superb at teaching us and dealing with our greenhorn skills. Never were we made to feel stupid or foolish for our questions or naivety. We all learned a lot about how to fish for these creatures. We are very happy with the fish we caught, how we were treated, and our overall experience. The deckhand’s fish cleaning skills were excellent and we are enjoying our great tasting fish. Getting a chance to see humpback whales at the end of the day was phenomenal. My only disappointment is that we didn’t schedule to fish another day!
You should know our group discussed many times how pleased we were with your deckhand. He was very friendly, helpful and his willingness to help in any way was very much appreciated. He is a great asset to your business. All of our emails leading up to our trip to Homer with Donna were very helpful in our decision making for the trip. She went above and beyond in providing information about local sites and activities. This made it much easier for us since we had never been to Homer before. Thank you so much for the best vacation we have ever had!!

Larry Majerus (Wyoming)
Captain, I and several members of the Rawdon family from Wyoming fished the Ashtikan with you about 10 yrs ago! Just wanted you to know, and take great pride in the memories you helped us create. Families change but the memories remain constant and you and the Ashtikan are part of our family!

Tammy Harlow and John Davis (Illinois)
We just wanted to Thank you all for making our fishing trip in Alaska everything I had dreamed it would be, We will be telling these fish tails for the rest of our life and I'm sure that a few of our friends and fishing buddies will be up to fish with you also.
What a Blast we had, not one minute was dull or boring, there was not enough time between fish to even catch your breath. Thank you again, YOU ARE THE BEST! And then there are the rest. Keep your eyes out because we will be back.

Roy Heilman (Minnesota)
Amy and I want to thank you for the great day of fishing. It's a shame the silvers were late in arriving this year because we were looking forward to catching those the most. However, you and your deckhand definitely helped make the most of it. We were really happy with our catch of halibut, rockfish, and the bonus lingcod. Amy had so much fun that she can't stop talking about coming back to fish with you at Homer as soon as we can. If only I could make her feel that way about ice fishing!

Bob and Cathy Ross (Arkansas)
Bob and I fished with you (also my sister Julie) on July 2. You estimated this halibut to be 85 pounds. We had a great time and have eaten quite a bit of the halibut we shipped home. It is just delicious! Thanks again for teaching and coaching us.

Sharon Gould ( Idaho)
I fished last year early August with Bryan.
Hope all is well......I so enjoyed the fishing trip last year, was the 'highlight' of my life.

Erin Murphy (Michigan)
I had such a great time in Alaska this past July that I am planning another trip for next May. I was wondering if you could send me the available fishing options for that time period. Thanks.

Kim Hanson (Idaho)
Bryan, you can tell Jonathan Hillstrand of the Time Bandit (Deadliest Catch) that he has fallen to second place in my book of best fishermen. You are number one.

Mark Scarupa (Maryland)
The fish is in the freezer. Again, thank you for the wonderful time you provided and the memories. My gang will never forget.

Jim Trotter (Texas)
Just wanted to say a great big THANK YOU for making my fishing trip such a pleasure.  My one dream was to go to Alaska and fish.  You made my dream a wonderful experience. 

Evan Brickman (California)
Had a blast fishing on our three day overnight and I'm looking forward to next year!

Todd Goodnight (Pennsylvania)
I wanted to let you know what a great time I had on my charter.  Your professionalism was of the highest caliber.  You made this trip about your clients and their enjoyment, not to mention their freezers!  I had great stories to tell all of my family and friends, and the sheer excitement of all that great fishing comes back every time I tell them. 

Maureen Lindh (Washington)
My illustrious fisherman brother, his wife, my husband, and I had the best
time EVER on our overnight combo trip. Thanks for all your help and thanks
for making it so much fun!! The Ashtikan and the voyage were luxurious,
the cove where we anchored overnight was breathtaking, the company was
interesting, and the FISHING WAS AWESOME. We limited out on all counts and
we even let some really big ones go. We appreciated your knowledge and
your willingness to share it along with your hilarious stories. We hope you're
available when we get another chance to visit Homer. Captain B's rocks.

Jack Chalifoux and family (British Columbia)
 We all had a great time. Everyone had a few sore muscles the next day. You made our day very enjoyable. Compliments to both. WE are showing our pictures to everyone. Thanks again

Chuck and Lisa Lutz (Pennsylvania)
I have gone Long range halibut fishing with you three times over the past years (2002.2004, & 2007).  We got your brochure and note in the mail today....thanks for that.  We have always enjoyed our trips on board the Ashtikan and are looking forward to another next year in 2010. 

Stacy and Josh Vox( Minnesota)
Thank you so much for a memorable first time halibut fishing!  We are definitely hooked!  Captain Brian and Jeremy were great and so helpful, it truly made the whole experience that much better.  We couldn't have asked for a better captain or deckhand, always there to give a helping hand, advise or to cheer you on.  We will be back and will ONLY book with Captain Brian.
Thanks so much~

The Pickells-Rob, Sarah, Derek, Sammy (California)
We wanted to thank you for a great day of fishing. You put us on the fish and together with Jeremy were a big help getting our entire family to their limits!  It was great to watch Derek (11), Sammy (9), and Sarah battle their Homer Halibuts (even though I was a bit worried when they all limited out before I landed one).  We already have a neighborhood party scheduled so that we can share our fish. We all really enjoyed the speed and comfort of the Ashtikan -- she made the day on the water a real pleasure for everyone.  We hope to have the chance to fish with you again in the future.  Thanks again,
Steven Frasier (Oregon)
We spent a couple days fishing with Bryan aboard his beautiful boat. Caught many halibut and rockfish. There was never a moment when we didn't have a fish on. Quite a few times a halibut was biting before the bait hit the bottom. Bryan and his deck hand , Jeremy, were very helpful to the novice fisherman.
It was nice to fish in a beautiful setting with only a few people on his 6 person boat.  
Although we didn't land the big one, Bryan went out of his way to fish several different areas to try to land the lunker. Bryan, thanks for the great fishing and life long memories.

Ron and Angela Simpson (Indiana)
Angela and would like to thank you for a great experience in Alaska.
You and Jessie made our trip a great memory. Never dreamed we would catch so many fish. Every thing was first class and as good as promised.
Hope to return to Alaska soon.

Joe Schroer and crew (South Carolina)
We had a great time fishing with on the Ashtikan. What an adventure! The trip turned out to be everything we hoped for and then some.

Kevin Donnalley (Arizona)
Thank you for the excellent hunting and fishing experience. I will never forget my time in Homer.
John Brumley (Arizona)
Bryan, I would just like to extend my thanks for a great 50th birthday fishing trip. We all enjoyed you and Joe and the fish aren't bad either. Hopefully your bear hunting trips are filled with good luck. Hope to see you guys next summer. Thanks again. By the way it's 109 degrees today. Fish On Buddy.

The Rupprechts, Tim, Cindy, Cory, Kyle and Kristy Klopstein (Colorado)
We had another great time fishing with you and Joe. You provided an awesome weather day and some of the best skate fishing we've ever experienced!!!!! Seriously, though, we did have a great time and appreciate the fact that you stayed out longer than probably was normal to allow us to catch our halibut limit. It wasn't necessary but we certainly appreciate all your efforts. That's exactly what keeps us coming back to fish with you. We hope your season is a successful one.
Brad Dirckx (Montana)
Well, the Ashtikan is on the board again! A great bonus to a super great trip. The “boys” will always remember the experience. Thanks again for treating us so well.

Robin and Brian Mester (Michigan)
I'm draggin' this morning but back at work.
Sure would have liked to see your bears! Brian didn't even get to bed on time last night with all the video work he is putting together. We were picking out the best of the bear photos on his lap top on the plane and had people asking to buy the photos!!! He hasn't even downloaded the Orca video yet. I am anxious to see that. Fishing was great, as usual. Thank you!

Ron and Terri Wright (Oregon)
I want to thank you for the great time we had fishing our 2 days with Brian and Joe. What wonderful people. I would not want to go out on any other boat than the one we went with. Brian and Joe were great and I know that our Captain Brian was for all the people on his boat. He did go the extra mile and I would like him to know and also Joe that they are very much appreciated. Our trip was great and we came home with fish. I’m looking forward to the next trip. I have already spread the word about Captain B’s. Alaska is a beautiful state. I wish we would have had more time.

Josh, Adam, Ben, and Nick Dirckx (Minnesota)
Captain B and Joe, thanks for the great adventures on the boat. Especially the overnight trip. That was really an experience we like to tell everyone about. Middle son Ben, just got the call last night from the derby office informing him that he won the released fish prize. He was really excited. Great way to top off the trip. Boy did we draw a lot of attention at the Minneapolis airport with all our fish boxes.

Bill Buttrey (Alaska)
Just thought I'd let ya's know, I talked to John McShane about his charter on Friday. He was very happy and complimentary about his and his friend's fishing experience with Bryan and Joe!! Thanks for taking care of them.
Craig Hutchison, California
If you’re looking to catch quality fish, Captain B will put you on the fish every time !! You will not only catch your limit, but you will also catch a glimpse of whales, seals, otters, Orcas, eagles and the occasional bear walking along the beach. Captain B and his deckhand Joe truly offered me a trip of a lifetime. Thank you

Amrie Lipsky , Washington, DC
Thanks so much for finding the pictures of our fishing trip. Wow, the fish are bigger than we remembered. We’re enjoying eating them. . . .a few fillets a week. Please give our best to Bryan and let him know we’re looking forward to seeing him next summer.

Lucian Monagna, Virginia
What can I say, but THANK YOU. You made my trip to Homer an experience I will remember for the rest of my life. When I received the card with the trip from Bill Armwood and Ken Pino, I knew we would have a GREAT TIME and did we ever.

Ira and Sandy Ernst (Wyoming)
Bryan I can't thank you enough for another great fishing expedition. Our group booked 3 days of super combo and wow did we catch fish, 3-100lb halibut, 6-60lb+ ling cod. I'm getting the 24lb yellow eyed rock fish mounted along with Sandy's 11lb black rock fish. They will look great together in our trophy room. We'll try to be back in 2 years. Thanks again Bryan for a wonderful time aboard the Ashtikan.
Steve and Keri

I wanted to tell you Keri and i had a great time fishing , Bryan and Joe were very nice. Homer is beautiful, we would move to alaska if we thought we could
make it there. Keri caught a 122 pound halibut so she is hooked. thanks again hope to see ya next year.

Dr. Marco Van Grondelle London England
I want to thank you again for a wonderful fishing trip on board Ashtikan. I could not have wished for a more enjoyable Alaskan adventure: the fishing was great, the scenery overwhelming and the company first class. I am particularly grateful for your individual coaching and support on what was my first, but very memorable, Alaskan halibut trip. Overall, an experience never to be forgotten, and I already look forward to the next trip. My friend, Lt Col McShane, was equally enthusiastic.

Susie Fenton
"My fishing expedition on Captain B's Ashtikan was incredible! My husband and I had a wonderful time. Captain Bryan and his professional staff- Joe were very knowledgeable, attentive and worked hard to see that everyone on board caught their limit. We saw puffins, porpoises and humpback whales on our fishing trip.  If you want a memorable fishing experience- fish with Captain B's Alaskan C's Adventures!"

Henry Sebesta
Just a quick note to express our appreciation for an excellent fishing trip on the Captain B's Alaskan C's. My brother Dan and wife Jeanette enjoyed their first exposure to Alaska. Mary and I enjoyed our 3rd as much or more than the preceeding 2. Couldn't have asked for a better day of "fishing out of Homer".

Bob Wiley (Georgia)

Bob had such a good time he wanted to share these photos with you.

Arlis Sklebar (Minnesota)
I sure enjoy being on the boat and fishing also. Bryan is a great Captain! I enjoy Joe also; he does a good job. I think I could live in Homer, as I find it difficult to leave to go home.
Al Toennis (Illinois)
Wanted to send thanks to you and everyone over there for everything. We hoped to get bigger ones but thoroughly enjoyed it. Now we have a reason to come back for more. Bryan and Joe were excellent.

Bryan and Robin Mester (Michigan)
Fished two days, added a 3rd day – have already made reservations

Greg and Pam McRae (Alabama)
I wanted to say thanks again to Bryan and his deckhand for a very enjoyable trip. My brothers wanted to bring back a halibut for preservation by a local taxidermist and they got their wish!! Soon, they may have the only specimens in Alabama!! We will have to find a way to come back yet again.

Tara Wilder (Georgia)
A little something to show my appreciation for your kindness and always helping me and my friends.

Rick Book (Colorado)
The fishing trip was a great experience thanks to Bryan and Joe. The boat and fishing equipment were in excellent condition and it was obvious that they both take a lot of pride in what they do.

Diane Hicks (California)
Thanks for making our Alaska trip so much fun. Cody, my grandchild, will always remember “the big one.”

John Lawrence (Texas)
We don't have enough adjectives to describe our recent fishing trip with you on the Ashtikan. We just wanted to have some fun, and did we ever. You guys rock!. We didn't just catch fish, we caught big fish with pictures as evidence. The lingcod fishing was incredible and your instruction was right on the mark. They say a trip to Alaska is a trip of a lifetime and in our case it truly was. The group wants to do it again. We need a little time for our backs to heal. Joe did a great job of keeping gear in our hands and lines in the water.

Mike Adamusik (New Jersey)
Thanks again for another amazing fishing trip. We will see you in two years. Unless I hit the lottery. Then I just may have to take up full time Homer recreational fishing.

Verne Wright (Washington)
THANK YOU for the GREAT time and all the spectacular fishing-

Dr. Stanley Watkins (Anchorage)
Hannah and I wrote you a letter thanking you for the great day. We have been eating the fish the past 2 nights and it is excellent. Thank you again for the excellent trip- and please thank the captain and mate- they are really a first class crew.

Ira and Sandy Ernst (Wyoming)
Thank you so much for the great fishing trip. Bryan you are the best and we couldn't imagine fishing with anyone else while in Homer, Alaska. The two 30+ lb. Kings I caught on our last day of fishing were definitely the high point of our (my) fishing trip. It was all great fishing. We are already booked for another 3 days next year. We're counting the days till then.


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